Seminar & Conferences

The Seminars, Conferences and Workshops were organized by the Agro-Economic Research Centre (jointly with Department of Economics) during the past four decades:

  1. 24th All-India Agricultural Economics Conference, December, 1964 (Proceedings Published).
  2. Short-Term Farm Management Training Course for Western India, 1964.
  3. All-India Seminar on Fixation of Support Prices for Food grains, October, 1965 (Proceedings Published).
  4. All-India Seminar on Role of Commercial Banks and Co-operatives in   Financing Agricultural Production, January, 1968 (Proceedings Published).
  5. All-India Seminar on Taxation of Agricultural Land and Income, March, 1969 (Proceedings Published).
  6. All-India Training Course in Survey Research Methods, October, 1969.
  7. Regional Seminar on Problems of Educated Youth in Gujarat, March, 1970.
  8. All-India   Seminar   on   Farm   Mechanization (in collaboration with the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics), July, 1970 (Proceedings Published).
  9. Third Gujarat Economic Conference, October, 1971 (Proceedings Published).
  10. All-India Seminar on Development of Backward Regions – Problems and Prospects, October, 1972 (Proceedings Published).
  11. Regional Seminar on the Development of Kadana Command Area in Gujarat, November 1976 (Proceedings Published).
  12. All-India  Seminar  on Crop  Insurance  in  India  (in  collaboration  with the Indian Society of  Agricultural  Economics), February, 1981 (Proceedings Published).
  13. Technical Workshop on Inter-Regional Variations in Agricultural   Development in Gujarat, April, 1983 (jointly with the Govt. of Guj).
  14. The 15th Gujarat Economic Conference, February, 1985.
  15. The 45th All India Agricultural   Economics Conference, December, 1985.
  16. Seminar on the Environmental Issues of the Sardar Sarovar Project, October, 1988.
  17. Seminar on Fertilizer Consumption in Gujarat, July, 1989.
  18. Seminar on the Problems of Agricultural Terms of Trade & Subsidies, October, 1989.
  19. Seminar on Major Issues of Sardar Sarovar Project, March, 1990.
  20. Seminar on Sardar Sarovar Project, August, 1992.
  21. 24th Annual Conference of Gujarat Economic Association, May 1994.
  22. Workshop on Problems of Demand and Supply of Edible Oil in Gujarat, August, 2000.
  23. Seminar lecture on “Shaping a Good Researcher: My Experience”, delivered by Dr. Tushaar Shah, Senior Fellow, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) on April 17, 2013.